Why do I write verses?

Over the years, I have written many verses on all manner of subjects.  They come to me freely and easily, and I feel absolutely compelled to write them down when they do.  Maybe they are the sentiments and voices of the universe that call on me to give them form!


I write about Love, Friendship, Gratitude, Celebration, Heartache and Relationships issues!  

My 'heartache' verses are especially different. While they are very

direct, and sometimes confronting, I write them to help those with a similar situation in their life, realise that they are not

alone in their suffering, and hopefully, enable them to

better express themselves where necessary

or to encourage moving forward in a

more positive direction in their life!


Maybe my verses are meant for those who have

difficulty finding just the right words to express their emotions.

Whatever the reason for their manifestation, I hope they touch you in such a way that they help you, or bring you, or your loved ones,

closure, if needed, Peace and Joy!


Mary Louise