About the author, Mary Louise
I am an artist and a writer...a creative soul!  I feel the need to help make the world a better place.  My two favourite words are 'Kindness' and 'Joy', and I endeavour to leave these footprints every day, whether I am writing, painting, or just sharing the every day things with others.
I write to bring Joy into the world, whether it is found in my children's books or in my poetry and verse 'WordRight Series' books.
In my children's books, I try to create excitement, adventure, joy and imagination, for children to look at, listen to or to read themselves.  If they achieve any of these, I am very happy!
My Poetry and Verses come to me easily and freely, and I can't claim full credit for the words you will read therein, as I sometimes feel that they are the voices of the universe, trying to manifest through me! Whatever their source, I hope they touch you in a beautiful way and make this world a better place for the sharing of them!

Mary Louise