About the Scruffutoe Tales Series

What is a Scruffutoe?

Have you ever smelt a smelly shoe? A Scruffutoe has probably been inside it! You won't find them if you look for them though, as they can make themselves invisible to humans.

Scruffutoes are a brand new fairy book creation of characters by Mary Louise. They are tiny creatures, less than a few centimetres tall. They are hairy and blue, and live inside shoes, all around the world. They are usually quite friendly, but if you scare them, they can turn bright green and emit a terrible stink...that dreadful stink you find in smelly shoes!

Scruffutoes are curious creatures who love adventure, but often find themselves in danger of being chased or eaten by larger creatures, who cross paths with them. That's when their 'stink' becomes very helpful!


As you read through the ever-growing, 'Scruffutoe Tales' series, you will meet many new characters through beautiful illustrations and fast-paced narrative. Travel with the Scruffutoes on their exciting adventures and discoveries,

and create a joyful environment as you read to your children or

as they read to you!