We create Children's Picture Books that are beautifully illustrated, 
with vibrant colours, interesting characters and fast-paced narrative
to captivate the most 
discerning young minds.

Written and illustrated by Australian Author and Artist, Mary Louise,
these books will bring adventure, fantasy, and
original characters into 
your child's library! 

Books in the Scruffutoe Tales Series

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Fun, Educational Books 

Maxie and the Spiders Web

This story is about Maxie Scruff, who is a curious little Scruffutoe.  He lives with his mother, father and older sister, Pixie, inside someone's shoe closet. Their home is inside a forgotten boot, at the very back of the closet. ​Maxie's curiosity gets him into trouble again.  This time he spots a beautiful, shiny ladder to climb.  He doesn't know it is actually the web of a large spider! Will Maxie get trapped in the spider's web? Will the spider decide to have Maxie as his next meal?